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Portuguese Water Dog, SkipNstone Kennel
Portuguese Water Dog, SkipNstone Kennel

"I contacted Charlotte and Lawrie in April 2023 regarding their breeding program, and to start the interview process - hoping to add a Portie to our home as my next dog. Charlotte and Lawrie were responsive and kind from the first day we connected, answering all of my questions and meeting with me via video to meet and get to know each other. Once I was officially accepted as a future home for one of their puppies, the waiting game began! I received regular updates and kept up on Facebook posts, documenting Galley’s pregnancy journey and near daily updates once the puppies had landed. Charlotte and Lawrie were very attentive in asking what it was that I was looking for in a puppy and what my future plans for them were regarding training, dog sports etc. I couldn’t have picked a better little female puppy to bring home - Flair the Red Girl, (now Sybil) was one of the more active and confident puppies, and given the choice between her and another pup, the “Red One” has been the perfect fit for my family and our life. Sybil and her siblings gained so much valuable socialization from Charlotte and Lawrie, being introduced to various sounds, smells and people. They were introduced to children, vacuum cleaners, the grooming process including the clippers, and swimming in the pool. The socialization came into play as soon as Sybil came home, as she explored her new life and began the process of winning over her new sibling Stark, a 7 year old Samoyed. Despite her confidence and tenacity, Sybil has been incredibly respectful of her dog big brother, following his lead and immediately listening to him when he says “Easy there, kid!". In 7 short months, Stark and Sybil have created an extremely strong bond and I am blown away by how close they have gotten in such a short time. Sybil and I have dove into our training journey together, with goals in mind like Canine Good Neighbour, advanced obedience, agility preparation and dock diving/water work. At only 9 months of age, Sybil can keep up with Advanced Obedience Classes and will be taking a trial run of the Canine Good Neighbour Test this Spring. She adores children, has excellent leash walking skills and loves trick training. I have put lots of time and effort into her training foundations, and the head start she received with Charlotte and Lawrie has only added skills and confidence to her repertoire. Portuguese Water Dogs are a new breed when it comes to dog ownership for me, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to begin what will be my lifelong Portie journey with Charlotte and Lawrie. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in welcoming a Portie into their home - SkipNstone kennel are outstanding."

- Alyssa Clowe, Guelph, ON, Canada

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